Born from online arguments of who used what song in what video I decided I’d settle it once and for all by building a database. Ably assisted by Greg Short pulling many all nighters uploading videos and a touch of artwork from Fraggle the original site launched in February 2010.

Nick, oppo panny   Jaz
Greg, Invert   Nick
Fraggle, Down Whip   Nick

The next couple of years were full of uploading, blog posts and a couple of interviews before I embarked on building an iOS version of the site. A year long project died on the vine of Apple’s review process and bugs in third party components of which I had no control, which killed my enthusiasm for the site for a while.

In 2015 I started a site redesign to make it a bit more usable on mobile as almost half the traffic was now coming from there, that went live in May 2016 without any fanfare, understandably as in hindsight it was a bit half assed.

Fast forward to late 2018, I noticed that someone who recently followed me on Instagram had the sites URL in his profile, showed it to a couple of people and thought nothing more of it. A few weeks later Dillon hit me up, told me he was into the site and if I wanted any help he’d be into it.

Dillon, Hop Gap   Gary Mayo
I tried to set him up an account on the old site, but that bit was broken (I said half assed) then I noticed that you couldn’t even full screen most of the videos on the site so started looking into the code to fix that. After 9 years of bits being tacked on here and there the code base was just a mess. So on New Years Eve I fired up an empty project and started a re-write from scratch. 4 months later (May 2019), here we are, a cleaned up database, a music section(duh!), you can now watch all of a riders sections in one place and more full movies than we’ve ever had.

Long live BMXMDB.