banned for kush When Banned 3 came out it was met with an almost instant cult status. For good reason, the film took street riding videos of the time and swallowed them with a bottle of rum, threw them back up and swallowed them again. Gone were the foot high ledges and ultra tech grind combos only to be replaced with 100mph street gaps and 1,000 foot drops.

Street riding videos haven't really changed too much since then, though, there have been some noticeable exceptions, Dead Bang for one and more recently Mutiny's Lets Get Mystical and V-Club's For The Sake Of The Video; although not street videos in the strictest sense of the genre, all spend more time on the streets than anywhere else whilst keeping things fast and big. With that in mind Banned 4 Life has a lot to live up to! Banned 3 had amazing riders and crashes that would kill most mere mortals and in the light of that, Banned 4 does not disappoint, on the riding or the partying front, its 25 minutes of 'WTF' moments. Lets get it right from the start, there will be no mention of camera work or editing throughout this review as camerawork and editing were dispensed with long ago for the Banned Crew. Its definitely not badly filmed at all and is edited into sections, done.

The first of the sections belongs to Gary Dimartine who after a short intro consisting of crashes, fire and parties gets things going by eating the eye of a dead raw fish, setting the tone has never been so easy! HD cameras in full effect, Gary rides off whatever he wants and lands how ever he pleases.

Tom Molyneux starts his section by downing a beer and looking wasted before sobering up and gapping over and off of everything he sees adding 180s and the occasional table top as well as a few awesome manual combos. Full throttle from start to finish as you would expect from a member of The Banned Crew, none of whom are afraid to pedal full at anything. Toms section ends as it started, drunk. Daniel Arist is next in the line up and has a short section made up of mostly peg tricks that lasts under two minutes but rules the whole time.

Rickey Bates follows the short-lived Arist section and his section brings the DVD back up to speed, with full speed gaps and wallrides as well as some serious rail and polejam moves. Rickey slams hard a few times in his section but gets up every time and finishes what he started. He has some huge grind lines that seem like suicide until he rides away. Theres somewhat of an interlude at this point with two minutes of trails, fire and Banned Crew style party footage, something you should expect to see if you've seen Banned 3.

Billy Richardson brings the BMX back and puts his two pegs to good use with big ledge and rail grinds as well as the obligatory high speed gaps that Banned videos require. The UK Banned Crew are represented well with Scott Ditchburn and Jack Dub taking care of the UK rails and ledges. The UK part is short but well filled with some nice moves from Scott and Jack.

Chris Burden takes us back stateside with some wild grind and wallride lines, his part is shared with Talem Cowart who only gets two clips before Patrick King turns up and boots him off the DVD. Patricks part in Banned 3 was immense and he's gonna have to go some to match up to that. Luckily Patrick King is well up to the task with massive 360s, barspins and tailwhips as well as some awesome freecoaster lines that you're going to want to rewind for. Patricks section is so good I skipped back and watched the whole thing again, twice. His last trick is exactly what freecoasters should be used for and is out of hand.

Theres a mix section following that with Mike Cottle, Mark Mulville, Bryce Tool, Sean Burns and others riding street, park and dirt. Kyle Painters section starts with some of the worst slams this side of LSD Riders but luckily, it seems Kyle is made of steel and just gets up and does it again. Street turndowns down huge sets of stairs and a pedal grind that ends with his headband covering his eyes like a blindfold, apparently the man of steel can has x-ray vision as it turns out just fine. The crashes continue throughout and after a minute or two my ankles are hurting just from watching. Kyle pulls it all though including a 360 turndown drop that most people wouldn't ride off.

BMX gives way to another interlude for a quick Banned commercial before Colt Fake arrives. Colt Fakes section in Banned 3 set the internet on fire, its what caused those wild fires in California a few years ago, It was that good. Now he's back in Banned 4 and he hasn't slowed down one bit (look out California). Colt is not afraid of anything, this section proves it for anyone who didn't believe after Banned 3. Colt cements his cult lunatic status in Banned 4 with bigger gaps, higher drops and more ridiculous lines than before. The first song in Colts section has the lyrics "I ain't never scared" repeated throughout and it was definitely written for Colt. He throws himself down, off and over the most insane obstacles. His last trick is one of the scariest looking feebles to smith grind that anyone has ever done. Colts section is done and the credits roll. Immediately you reach for the remote to start it all over again, and you should because this is one of the best movies of 2010. The riding is consistently insane.

If you don't like it, you're dead inside.

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