Head First

1991 VHS  USA
This video shows Mat Hoffman doing the first big handrail on a bike. " I was riding for Haro but was going through a bike a day while we compiled footage." - Mat Hoffman

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Quotes about the film
Leigh Ramsdell, Ride BMX US #100 : After I watched Head First I had to get on my bike and pedal as fast as I could at our quarterpipe. I busted my ass and lay on the ground thinking about the video and realizing just what was possible with a bike and a ramp. It made me get up and keep riding until I had barhop airs wired-no other video has given me that feeling and motivation.

Markus Wilke, Ride BMX US #100 : Head First was way ahead of its time when it was released. Awesome music. great editing. funny interludes, and most importantly the breathtaking riding of Mat Hoffman. It got me more motivated to ride than any video I've ever seen!

Chris Arriaga, Ride BMX US #100 : My earliest memories of BMX revolve around Head First. I'd watch t every day before and after riding when I was 12. Every rider needs to see the history of BMX from 900's on vert to flat ground bunnyhop-tailwhips well over ten years ago. This video shows balls-out BMX and how it got to where it is today.

Ben Snowden, Ride BMX US #100 : Head First had a lot of personality and style and I feel that it represented BMX in its underground years perfectly. When there was talk of 'BMX is dead.' this video shows progression and strength. Judging by the years following the video. I think it proved itself to be true.