2006 DVD  USA
"Forever" named after how long it felt like till it was done has full sections from: Jose Perez, Anthony Hartsworm, Brandon Reid, Andy Persing(myself), Todd Kiger. The video also has a friends section and random section including footage not used in the riders full parts.

Forever - Intro

This is the intro to a bmx video I filmed and editied back in 2006. The filming took place over a few years and alot of work and effort was put into the video taking roadtrips and late night seshins to get some footage. I hope seeing this will make you want to see the rest of the video.

Forever - Jose Perez

This is Jose's part in Forever. His part has a good mix of street and park. His intro lets you know just how mellow this guy is. His part is one of my favorites in the video simply the way its put together and the shots that where filmed(the banger).

Forever - Anthony Hartsworm

This is Anthony's part in Forever. To start, Anthony has been a good friend of mine for awhile and this part is not truly his best riding. We had some good times while making this part and some long nights with many bike throws.

Forever - Brandon Reid

This is Brandon's part in Forever. Brandon is an awesome guy that is always down to be the first one to set up some ghetto ass crate to wall or dumpster. He was really excited when I started to film the video and told him I wanted him to have a full part. He would call me up and tell me about spots he wanted to hit and do things I couldn't imagine done. Brandon is just a straight up dude.

Forever - Friends

This is the friends section from Forever. It includes names like Jessie Faust, Chuck Cook, Scott Kline, Nate Badman, Dan Ramer, Kyle Brosius, Cody Stauder, Joe Oshman, Ben Herrold, Justin Stauder, Rylan Bennet, Nate Anderson, Cory Foust, Robert Kauffman, Ned Drumheller, Tim Coyne, and Clayton Hunter in that order along with a few others. This part has some pretty good riding in my opinion. A must watch for this video.

Forever - Andy Persing

This is my part in Forever. Well during the filming of this video I got hurt but had most of the clips I wanted. After I got done uploading all the footage I found that I have tunnel vision when filming, I only like to film rails and peg tricks. There are a few clips that don't use pegs but only like 7 or 8. Hope you enjoy.

Forever - Todd Kiger

This is Todd's part in Forever. Todd is one crazy guy that will spin all the place, watch his banger for proof. Todd and I grew up together and his is one good friend. Todd is a lot better now but this part has some good clips in that I know Todd is proud of. One Love TK Booster.

Forever - Random

This is the Random part from Forever. The random part includes all the riders in Forever that have full sections. I don't really have much to say other than this was the fastest edited part in the video and also the part I put the least effort into. For example the song was chosen during the editing randomly by Roag saying "hey shit tits, put that Van Halen song, Ain't Talkin bout Love in the video somewhere". Enough said.