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Yeah, yeah, I totally forgot to post this last week, leave me alone. Oh yeah, its Etnies, its got Tom Dugan in it, just watch it.
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Kriss Kyle is quickly becoming one of my favourite riders. His Any Which Way stuff was amazing and this is awesome too. Theres even a little homage to Ruben in the tire slide line. Plus its well multicultural.
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A year or two ago S&M thought it would be a good idea to put out a series of cheap DVDs over a year, I don't know many people that ever bought more than one so its good to see at least this section online. Hoder is out of his mind
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This is a video from Markit welcoming Christian Regal to Etnies BMX. Yeah, I know, it made no sense to me either but the video is pretty fucking good.
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Some of the Proper team getting lost in Bilbao, at least I assume they got lost if Toby was their guide!
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Standard Bykes spent 3.7 million dollars on researching a sideways camera as seen in Joe Rich's part in Style Cats. The idea never really took off and unfortunately the whole project was scrapped. Standard later invested millions in steel made from Platinum and Ox's, that also didn't go too well.
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Still not jealous....ast all
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Its Etnies & Cinema in Portland. Just press play
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Eclat flying about Europe.