About Us

The BMX Movie Database is the brainchild of 18 year BMX veteran Nick Hayday. After a few years off in the early years of the new millennium Nick came back to BMX to realise that he had missed out on a lot of what had happened and trying to catch up was a nightmare. Something sparked in his head and he began drawing up plans for a movie database for BMX. Nick started working on the site in its earliest form until he was satisfied enough to start telling his friends what he had been doing. Nick asked Greg Short to get involved as the chief video uploader and reluctant blogger and the partnership was born. The site Launched in early 2010 with around 300 full length BMX videos and as of January 2011 that number has doubled. The database is an ongoing project and will probably never see a conclusion but we will continue in vain until we have every BMX video, ever........eventually.

We spend our days uploading the best and worst BMX movies since they began, but, why not save us sometime and upload your own movies?! We may not get around to your movie for years so why not save the time and do it yourself, its as easy as signing in and adding your film.

If you want to embed any of the sections we've uploaded onto your site for an article you're working on, a retrospective edit or a rider you've just signed, don't be shy, just drop us a mail and we'll open it up for you, just reciprocate with a link back to us, we're not precious, after all we didn't make most of them.

We don't want you to rip films you didn't produce, or brand new films (support BMX and go and buy them), we only post video's we've received permission to post.

Nick & Greg would like to thank the following for videos, help and support

John Dye, James Hitchcox & Tim Byrne, Matt Dyer, Fraggle, Mark Richards, Stuart Dawkins, John Povah, Ian Davis, Alex Leech, Ryan Fudger, Mark Noble, IMG Distro, Tom & Tina Williams, Chris Hill-Scott, James Cox, Gaz Sanders, Chris Rye, Stew Johnson, Clint Zabodyn and anyone else we forgot.

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